COVID-19 and the Highest Level of Safety for All Patients

The COVID-19 situation quite understandably has people all around the world feeling rather tense. They feel tense any time they have to go out into public for any reason under the sun. They feel especially tense any time they have to go into tighter spaces such as dental clinics. Thankfully, professionals who work for dental offices everywhere are going above and beyond to give their patients the promise of optimal safety. What are some examples of the things we are doing day in and day out?

Protective Equipment

The staff at Dentistry By RSE wears protective equipment. Wearing this kind of equipment can do a lot to keep contamination at bay. Our doctors put on gloves, face shields, masks and even protective eyewear. Steering clear of contamination can do a lot for people who want to stop COVID-19 from being given to others. Protective equipment can decrease levels of detrimental pathogens.

Microbial Rinses

It’s no secret that detrimental bacteria takes up real estate inside of peoples’ mouths. That’s how they can make human immune systems a lot less powerful. If you want to steer clear of this unpleasant possibility, getting a microbial rinse prior to showing up for a dental appointment can do the trick. Microbial rinses have the ability to get rid of bacteria that’s dangerous. This bacteria can do a number on your gums and teeth, too, and that’s the least thing you want.

Employee Temperature Checks

Our staff these days are more cautious and prudent than ever. That’s why they often take great pains to remain fit as fiddles. We conduct day-to-day employee temperature assessments. These checks can see to it that our entire staff are fit to be around the members of the general public. If you want to move forward with the confidence of knowing that your employees are in A+ condition, routine temperature checks can be a big help. We encourage any and all team members who feel under the weather for any reason to refrain from going to work.

Designated Safety Personnel

Your safety at Dentistry By RSE is paramount to us and you can rest assured that we are taking all precautionary measures as mandated by Federal, State and local authorities to mitigate the risk of any staff member or patients getting exposed to Covid-19. When you’re here, you’re in good hands.

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