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Can Cavities Heal By Themselves?

Cavities are one of the most prevalent dental problems that people encounter. They might range from little areas on the teeth to large decay locations. Of course, major concerns necessitate prompt attention. Patients with smaller cavities, on the other hand, frequently worry if a filling is truly essential. If the cavity is small, may it be treated at home? You might be surprised by the response. Continue reading to find out more.

Understanding the Process of Tooth Decay

To determine if cavities can cure on their own, you must first grasp how the tooth decay process works. There are various stages of deterioration. The first stage is referred to as demineralization. This happens when bacteria in your mouth attack your tooth enamel, weakening the overall surface of the tooth. The enamel will then begin to deteriorate, resulting in the formation of a cavity. Then, on the inside of the tooth, enamel decay can develop to dentin decay and pulp damage. Finally, if the bacterium is not treated, an abscess can occur.

Can Cavities Heal By Themselves?

If your tooth decay is still in the demineralization stage, you can reverse it on your own with good dental hygiene. Very small cavities can even heal on their own at times. This, however, is only conceivable in the early phases of degradation. Brushing and flossing properly, as well as fluoride treatments, can help reverse the progression of tooth decay.

Observing the Decay

Once the decay has reached the dentin of the tooth, you will require a dental filling to repair the damage. Fortunately, deterioration at this stage is frequently treatable with a simple dental filling. Patients will be unable to tell how severe their decay is, so it is critical to have your teeth evaluated by a dentist. They will examine the tooth and take x-rays to see if your cavities can cure on their own.

Help With All Kinds of Tooth Decay

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