Dental Veneers

There are many procedure on the market for perfecting the way your teeth look when you flash those pearly whites. Veneers are a solution that doesn’t require multiple appointments over a long period of time. Veneers are an extremely thin ceramic which is attached to your front teeth. It is analogous to gluing fake nails onto your fingers and masks any imperfections present in your natural teeth. Often requiring little to no anesthesia, Veneers are a simple procedure that can last for many years to make your smile beautiful.

Choosing Veneers

Given that veneers are simply attached to your teeth, they provide a more conservative approach than crowns or bleaching treatments in your quest for the perfect smile. Root canals, injuries, or staining by tetracycline can all damage the appearance of your smile and can all be easily masked by opting for veneers. Discolored fillings can also easily be hidden by a set of veneers. For example, veneers performed by our dentists, have been shown to have remarkable longevity and low maintenance costs associated, making this an attractive option on multiple levels.

Veneers Procedure

Typically there are three total, full-length appointments for people interested in veneers. An initial consultation is recommended to diagnose and determine the best treatment plan.  A second preparation appointment takes place, followed by a final bonding appointment. The bonding appointment is where the veneers are actually cemented to your front teeth.

During the preparation and bonding appointments, approximately one half of a millimeter is removed in thickness from your front teeth, allowing for a rough surface for the veneers to bond to along with compensating for the added thickness of the ceramic veneers. Before the bonding process, our dentists will sculpt and shape the ceramic to the style and design that best matches your other teeth. This also takes into account the baseline configuration of your teeth by taking a mold of your mouth.

During the bonding process, pay attention to how each veneer looks on your tooth regarding color and shape. Color can be adjusted based on the underlying cement used in the bonding process.  This is permanent process, so place special care and attention before this step is completed.

Maintaining Your Veneers

Remember that veneers are simply a thin ceramic shell fitted on top of your actual tooth. Treat them the same way you treat your teeth. Brush and floss daily and be sure to make a follow up appointment with your dentist to ensure the veneers are fitting as they should.


We design them to best fit your smile and facial shape. Everyone is different, so each smile is created uniquely for you.

Dental Veneers