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Sleep Apnea and Snoring Dentist in Katy TexasToday approximately 30 million adults in the United States suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (aka OSA), which is a condition that involves a blocking of the airway during sleep. This is a chronic condition that can lead to serious health problems if left untreated. Going without sleep on a regular basis is obviously a very difficult situation, which is why this condition is so serious for those who suffer from it chronically.

Sleep apnea occurs as the muscles of the tongue and throat relax as a person falls asleep. This relaxation can cause the airway to become blocked, which can reduce the level of oxygen taken in. Often, the person suffering from sleep apnea will awake suddenly, gasping for air. This leads to sleep deprivation which is also a very debilitating situation.

Possible Health Effects from Sleep Apnea

If sleep apnea continues without treatment, it can lead to drowsiness during the day, headaches, memory loss, and a difficulty in safely driving or operating machinery. Other serious health problems that can ensue can include strokes, heart disease, erected dysfunction, acid reflux, and diabetes.

Obviously, the potential health problems that can result from sleep apnea are serious, which is why it’s important for the condition to be treated as soon as possible.

Dental Appliances in the Treatment of Sleep Apnea

One of the more popular treatments for sleep apnea and snoring is the use of a dental appliance. Dr. Stolarski recommends SomnoDent Continuous Open Airway Therapy for the treatment of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. Worn during sleep, SomnoDent devices fit over the upper and lower teeth. The device slightly moves the lower jaw forward, helping to keep the airway open and allowing you to breathe normally. The SomnoDent line of devices are customized to you and offer superior comfort and quality. They are uniquely compliant and highly effective. In fact, 91% of patients reported improvements in sleep quality while wearing SomnoDent.

Somnomed Avant

As Somnomed’s newest and first no-metal appliance, the quality of this device’s design, fit, and effectiveness is unsurpassed. It is the first milled device that has a hard outer surface, but a more forgiving, comfortable inner surface for maximum comfort. The Somnomed Avant uses unique nylon straps to help gradually march the mandible forward until the target position is reached.

Somnomed Sleep Apnea Treatment in Katy Texas

The SomnoDent Fusion

The Fusion is made from SomnoDent’s unique SMH BFlex material and is designed to maximize patient comfort and relief. The device also has replaceable wings that allow for customizable jaw advancement to ensure patients receive uncompromised treatment of their obstructive sleep apnea.

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If you or a loved one is suffering from sleep apnea, or display symptoms such as snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness, or pause in breathing while sleeping, seek treatment right away. Contact our office and schedule an appointment for a consultation today. You need to sleep, and our team is available to give you the help you need.