Wisdom Teeth Removal

Regular evaluations and x-rays can determine if your wisdom tooth’s presence will cause painful crowding or an infectious disease. Not everyone who has wisdom teeth may need them removed. Occasionally, wisdom teeth may erupt with no complications. Consult with us to ensure you are making the right choice with your teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Katy Texas

Wisdom Teeth Removal

It is generally easier to extract wisdom teeth while they are still growing and don’t have full formed roots. Post surgery pain, swelling, and tenderness is common for people who just went through a wisdom teeth removal. Common solutions are ice packs and pain medication prescribed by your oral surgeon.

Helpful Tips

Soft Foods

It is highly unlikely you will be able to, or even want to, chew hard foods after your surgery. The local swelling and pain left in your jaw will be too great to put pressure on them by trying to bite into an apple or trying to chew up a grain product. Soups and applesauce will help maintain your daily caloric intake while causing the least amount of aggravation to your mouth after surgery. Note that trying to drink a hot soup will further inflame your wisdom teeth areas, so ensure soup cools to a room temperature before eating.

Getting to and from the office

Most wisdom teeth removal surgeries require a general anesthetic combined with a local anesthetic. This will cause you to lose consciousness and sleep through your surgery. The effects of the general anesthetic take several hours to wear off once you have woken up, and you may feel drowsy or not yourself after the surgery is completed. A friend or family member can help guide you through the front office and safely drive you home after surgery.


Due to the pain medication regularly prescribed for people who went through wisdom teeth removal, you will not have the same level of alertness or motivation as you did before. This is acceptable as your body needs plenty of rest to help the healing process after the surgery. Schedule vacation time or ensure you can miss school or work obligations if you are a candidate for wisdom teeth removal, as your top priority should be rest and recovery.


Follow these tips throughout and after your procedure and you’ll be sure to have a speedy recovery.