Benefits of Katy Invisalign over Braces

The Benefits of the Invisalign System Over Braces

Having a set of good looking teeth is appealing. It makes you look good and gives you greater self-confidence when you smile. If your teeth are misaligned, one of the best ways to correct them is with Invisalign. Here are some reasons why you are likely to prefer this product over other teeth-straightening choices, such as braces.

Nobody Needs to Know

When you choose to get your teeth straightened with Invisalign, you get the benefit of doing it with almost no one knowing about it. This makes it great for teens who do not want braces because it makes them feel like they have a robot mouth. Adults of any age can also enjoy its benefits. Because the clear plastic aligners are nearly invisible, this lets people get straight teeth and still feel comfortable about it.

Eat What You Want

Braces can really be difficult to get clean after you eat. Because of this, you have to be careful about what you eat, particularly when you are in public. The Invisalign aligners are easily removable and should be taken out before eating, letting you eat what you want anytime.

Talk Better

When your teeth are not correctly aligned, such as when you have front teeth that are incorrectly positioned, you may have difficulty speaking clearly. Actors, and others who depend on their voice to make a living, often get their teeth straightened to correct this problem. Correctly aligned teeth will often enable them to speak clearly and provide better pronunciation.

More Efficient Dental Cleaning

When you go to the dentist for cleaning, the tools used are designed for properly aligned teeth. When they are aligned correctly, it means that you end up with cleaner teeth and shorter visits to the dentist because it will not take the dentist nearly as long to get them clean.

Reduce Pain in Neck and Jaw

Neck and jaw pain are often caused by having an improper bite. Using aligners designed for your teeth can help correct your bite and relieve pain in your neck and jaw. Getting the teeth aligned correctly, and helping to develop the correct muscles will take a few months, but it will help give you relief.

The pain, including TMJ or TMD, as well as while you are chewing, can be produced from having jaws that are not aligned. This can be caused by an improper bite, which comes from misaligned teeth.

Get More Nourishment

The nourishment your body gets comes from the food you eat. When it is chewed properly and broken into smaller pieces prior to swallowing it, your body is able to digest it better, giving you greater amounts of nourishment. You can chew your food better when your teeth are properly aligned.

Increased Comfort

The Invisalign aligners are custom-designed to fit over your teeth, and they are made of soft plastic. There are no metal or sharp edges that can produce cuts or scratches. This makes them much more comfortable to wear and much safer.

Protect Your Teeth

In addition to making it easy to clean your teeth, the aligners are not attached to your teeth like braces. Braces can cause damage to your tooth’s enamel, and, because it makes it harder to keep them clean, can lead to some decay and demineralization. The aligners will also help protect your gums.

Invisalign aligners may also reduce the amount of time needed to get your teeth into the desired position. In most cases, they will need to be worn for a year to a year and a half. In more mild cases, some people may get good alignment in less than a year.

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