What to consider when choosing a Katy Dentist?

What To Consider When Choosing a New Katy Dentist?

Changing dentists is never a fun process, but being educated on what to expect and what to look for in a new doctor can help make the transition smoother and leave you happy with your new dental needs provider. The final decision of who to choose to be your new dentist should be a personal decision, but here are some things to consider when on the hunt for a replacement.

Equipment In Office
You need to make sure your doctor takes his or her practice seriously and tries to keep up with the latest technology in their office. Finding a dentist that is interested in always learning more and continuing their education as new technologies are discovered and created is imperative to having a knowledgeable dentist. The more educated your dental provider is, the better your experience will be as a patient.

Other People’s Opinions
Other people’s opinions about the dentist and entire dental office are insightful when picking a new place to go for your dental hygiene needs. Looking at reviews and asking your friends and family for recommendations will help steer you in the right direction. If the dentist you are considering has a great reputation and you know several people who have had positive experiences there, chances are you will also have a positive experience in their office.

Dentist Philosophy
How does this dentist approach everyday cleanings? Root canals? Other dental issues? Knowing the dentist’s philosophy of overall dentistry will help you decide if that is where you want to go. How is the office structured? Is there a good flow of patients in and out of the office? Asking these questions and being aware of the answers will help you make the best decision. Going to a dental office where the atmosphere is calm and peaceful will help ensure a positive experience for you and your family.

The Staff
Not only is the dentist an important person to look at when considering a change in your doctor lineup, but also the entire staff. The dental hygienists are the ones that will be doing the majority of the work on your teeth, so make sure you are happy with the friendliness of the staff and the work they do. Being happy with the people behind the desk handling scheduling and insurance issues is also crucial to a positive experience as you will have to deal with them upon entering and leaving the office.

The Type of Dentist
It is important to know the difference between a dental specialist or a general family dentist. Certain dentists can only perform certain procedures and treatments, so know what you need and what you are looking for before you even begin your hunt for a new doctor. Finding a dentist who can handle your entire family’s specific needs is important as you are all at different stages and ages in your lives. Once you have found the right dentist for your family’s needs, you can count on him or her giving you a referral if you need to visit a specialist in the future.


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