Can Oil Pulling Help Improve Your Oral Health?

Oral health can help determine the rest of your body’s health. Because it contains a lot of bacteria, some of the harmful bacteria can invade past your mouth’s defenses and make the body ill. For many people, staying healthy means improving the first line of defense–your mouth.

One method that more people are trying these days is oil pulling. What is oil pulling and what can it do for your oral health? Read on to find out!

What is Oil Pulling?

The practice of oil pulling began thousands of years in India. The Indians used the practice to clean their teeth, fight off bad breath, and keep their teeth white. Although this practice was created during ancient times, it has some merit.

In order to oil pull, you simply need to swish a tablespoon of oil around your mouth. The swishing should occur for 15-20 minutes. While you can choose whatever kind of oil that you desire, coconut oil has become a favorite for many oil pullers.

While coconut oil tastes good, it also has the added benefit of containing numerous strands of fatty acids. Those fatty acids contain lauric acid. This acid is important because it has antimicrobial properties.

Oil is also likely an effective method for removing bacteria from your mouth because of how it’s used. When you swish it, you’re forcing the bacteria off of your gums, teeth, and tongue. The antimicrobial properties of coconut oil will make the bacteria dissolve.

As a result, those who practice oil pulling find that they have fewer cavities, less chance of having bad breath, fewer cases of gum diseases, and fewer cases of gum inflammation.

Bacteria That Oil Pulling Can Remove

One of the worst bacteria strands to have in your mouth is Streptococcus mutans. This strand is responsible for developing plaque in your mouth. While a little plaque in the mouth is acceptable, when you allow plaque to overgrow, then you run into a problem. Plaque can keep the bristles of your toothbrush from removing food particles and bacteria.

As a result, you can start to develop cavities. If left untreated still, then you could start to experience tooth decay. Cavities can spread from one tooth to another. Removing bad teeth and fixing problem tooths is essential to preserving your entire set of teeth.

Swishing coconut oil for 10 minutes a day can significantly reduce S. mutans in your mouth.

Benefits of Oil Pulling

When you remove harmful bacteria from your mouth, you’re going to experience many benefits. One of those benefits is a reduction in plaque and gum disease. If you develop too much bacteria in the plaque on your teeth, then your immune system kicks into gear.

It causes an inflammation of your gums. Gingivitis has begun.

When you swish with oil, you can remove the plaque-creating bacteria. Your immune system won’t need to start up because there won’t be any plaque growing on your teeth.

Another benefit of oil pulling is that it can reduce the chances of having bad breath. No one likes having bad breath. It can make you feel ostracized when interacting with other people. Bad breath is a result of chemicals and gases that are produced inside of your mouth by bacteria.

When you remove the bacteria through oil pulling, there’s less chance of the bacteria producing that odor.

Unproven Benefits

While oil pulling has been shown to be able to help battle bad breath and remove harmful bacteria, there are a few benefits that it can’t do. It does not whiten your teeth. It is also not a way to detox.

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