Invisalign Teen in Katy, Texas

Invisalign Teen For Busy Teenagers

Being a teenager is the most active time of your life because you are busy attending classes, finishing assignments, attending events, making friends and hanging out with them. It is that time of life where confidence plays a significant role in how your teenager interacts with other peers. Teens face a lot of challenges with confidence especially when it comes to physical appearance and looks. Most teens need orthodontic treatment but are against wearing braces or metal bands because of their physical appearance. If you have such a teenager, consider using Invisalign Teen treatment at Dentistry By RSE in Katy, Texas. Invisalign Teen treatment is outright the best option for teeth straightening and alignment as compared to braces.

What is Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen treatment is a teen version of the standard Invisalign treatment that is used for adults. It has been modified to fit the specific needs of teenagers and address them. Invisalign Teen Treatment uses a series of removable clear aligners. These aligners are custom-made to fit the tooth structure of your teenager.

Benefits of Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen treatment is an excellent alternative to metal braces or wires because of the many benefits that it has over it:

Few limitations and greater convenience

Metal bands are not as convenient as Invisalign Teen treatment because they are attached to your teenager’s teeth for the entire period of the treatment. If your teen wears braces, they are supposed to have a restrictive diet and follow a strict cleaning schedule to maintain them. The visits to the orthodontists are also regular because braces become lose and need to be tightened once in a while.

Invisalign Teen treatment is more convenient because it does not have all the above limitations. They can be removed when cleaning your teeth or eating and put right back. Also, your teenager does not have to follow a strict diet and the visit an orthodontist regularly. This is because the aligners do not need tightening as they are custom-made to fit perfectly.

Playing in sports or a band is not a problem

Individuals that wear braces and play in bands need extra learning curves to learn how to use their musical equipment with braces. It is challenging to play some instruments with the wires in your teenager’s mouth, but it is not impossible. Invisalign Teen treatment does not pose a problem when it comes to playing these instruments. This is because your teenager can remove them during play sessions.

In sports, wearing metal braces poses more safety risks than wearing Invisalign Teen treatment. This is because the metal wires can cause injury to other players in the field. Your teenager can also hurt themselves when playing sports with metal wires. Some metal guards can be used for people with braces, but using Invisalign Teen treatment is the best option because all these problems are eliminated. With Invisalign Teen treatment, your teenager can concentrate on the game and forget about causing physical injury or harm.

Improved self-confidence

Many teenagers with braces have issues with confidence because they are worried about how their teeth look. Most teenagers refrain from speaking or smiling because they are conscious of their braces. With Invisalign Teen treatment, your teen never has to worry about their looks around friends. Their self-confidence is improved because the aligners are invisible and can be removed as your teenager pleases. If your teenager wants to appear in photos or yearbooks, they can remove the aligners and wear them after the photos.

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